It’s all blur..

I don’t know what it was.. It’s something that made you confused, wondering why, guessing every change, and made your heart aching, at the least..

When you started to like someone, you’ll learn ’bout that person.. You find out all the data and information bout her/him. Your curiosity leveled up,  to the max sometimes.

You feel joy when you knew something bout her/him, you became very enthusiastic and pumped up, you smile to everyone you met, the world really seems colorful for you at the time being..

You sang a good love song, a happy and cheering song. Your face turns red or bright everytime you remember her/him.

That’s just the power of heart..


And before you knew it, you became tired, bored, and your logic play much more than your heart, you’ll realize it all just a prank to your heart, it’s just a mind game, with fabulous word or speech ingrained to your heart..

When you see something that’s not going just the way you want, you find mistakes, you fell ill, your curiosity dropped to the bottom of sea.

Something that you thought that maybe make you happy, make you laugh, make you smile, make you feel there’s still hope in this world,, at some moment, it all just BLAM! vanish right before your eyes.

Something to please you, that amusing to you, it all gone..

And what left behind just all memories..

Memories when you with her/him..