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Okay, this time article in my blog may be a bit depressing or make the readers think about what is actually I’m gonna say. Me myself still think about this for this past week and I’m still confuse.

Should I..?

Okay, so what’s the problem? Here we go, I’ll try to summary what happen and let you the readers decide, how it should be. So, straight to the point, I was told to keep distance from something that good for me. Something that bring me good influence. Something that made me a better person. Do I have to drill down my definition of “a better person”? I guess..

Me, version a better person means, I think I became more responsible to my duty now than before because that something good. I also might a little bit closer to my religion because of that something good. When I’m in confusion state, that something might sort it out and made me realize there’s nothing good come from confusion. When I’m like in a dead end, it helped me to provide me another point of view, so I don’t get stuck. It also helped me to act a little bit closer to my age. And it always support me although I never asked for it. It directed me to be a grown up, a responsible one, although I don’t feel any other of it in my heart, I purely feel that something good like a guidance for me, guide to keep walk in the right way, in God ways.

So readers, do I have to keep DISTANCE from something good like that?? Why? If it made my personality better, why should I stop now? If I really should keep distance or not touch that something anymore, could you provide me with something better than that? Could you?? Could you guide me like I’ve been through all this time? Roughly, do you think you can handle the spot that left if I keep distance from that thing? Could you fill it with something better for my personality, for my spiritual emotion, for my sake?

Readers, if you can find the answer after you think deeply, tell me, what’s good for me in this situation. Thanks for reading this unnecessary thoughts.