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Still related to my post before, well nobody is perfect, but nobody except you is you. You’re a single entity in this huge world, you’re unique, maybe without you the world still be the same, the sky still blue, the sun still shine, the moon and star still there, time always goes by, but there’s no you. It’s kinda hard when I write it that way.

Back to perfection. I’m no perfect, I’m just an ordinary girl, always try to low profile even though I knew I’m more than that. My family, always encourage me to be the best, to be perfect, to get the best, but always to thanks God for whatever the result is.

It is my habit, I could get friendly with almost everyone if I intend to. But only a few that I might consider to trust, to be my best. I like a smart one, who can balanced me. I like people that don’t see me from my status, my records, my looks, and seems nice in front of me just to get friend with me. I like the one that address me as I am, not afraid in playing words with me, who can see the true me, can made me a real me, can bring out the best of me.

With this honest feeling, I found something like that, who sees me honestly, different from all others, really treat me as I am. It is far from perfect, but it’s so smart that I was captivated by it. I was moved, that’s the first time people could be so open to me, really open, like I was welcome to it’s world. How can I say no? It was the best thing that ever happen to me. We were the perfect two, as Auburn said. Others saw us like that too. It was ordinary, but I could said that at least we on the same level on thoughts. We have the connection, the chemistry, so it didn’t have to be perfect to connect with each other. We’re clumsy, diligent, clever, ignoring people, get good grades, have a good look and body (subjective opinion of course), we helped others when we want to, have fun, partner in disguising from people, stay late until morning just to discuss unnecessary things, we fought, we made up, we parted, and we met again. And it feels like we never parted, the connection still there. I’m still no perfect, and it still far from perfection, we changed, but something still there.

Far from perfect and I don’t think I’m gonna make it perfect, and although I’m a perfectionist, this one is an exception.