An exception.

“You’re the only exception”, it is what Paramore said. Is it really the only one, how do we know we’re not gonna make another exception? How do we know when it is an exception? How do we figured it out? Is it because out of our custom? Out of our habit, so it became an exception?

So, what is an exception? According to me and myself, haha, exception is when something should take THAT way, but instead of some circumstances, THIS way was taken.

How many exception I’ve been through you asked? I never counted it. It might be bothersome when I know that I’ve been made a lot of exception. Well, I do remember made a few major exception. Like how forgiving I am. I’m the type that it’s very hard to forgive people who already lied to you, but for these two people, YES, TWO people, I made an exception. I forgave them, but not forgetting their mistakes of course.

Why we gave people exception? It must be because that person mean something to us. Important to our heart, with we realized it or not. But please, don’t blindfolded your heart or your mind! What I mean is, no matter how important that person in your heart is, don’t make too many exception for them! You must know the time to stop making exception for them.

I could go bubbling over and over about this exception, but for now, I guess one thing is sure is: Never made too much exception in your life, unless it’s necessary.