The more I try to forget you, not think about you, the more attempt to remember you is occurring.. Why this is happen to me? Maybe because I care about you, a little too much than I should be..

It’s not a bad thing actually, but as well known said, “something too much is not good for you in the end”. But how can we now if it’s too much or not? What’s the parameter? If missing you is too much for me, then what am I supposed to do?

I miss you, I miss us, I miss every little things you said, every crazy things we did. You are, your presence, your smile, your words, your humor, and I miss myself for being happy when I’m with you..

Oh God, I’m addicted to you. I miss myself. I miss you, the beauty of my life..

Hath this heart taken to, it is for thou thy one that I longed for a time to time. Let thee heart tell, let thee heart felt what is supposed to feel. I miss you thy beauty of mine mind..