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I’m a girl. My name is vlyo. And I like pretty faces..

I’m just an university average girl, with a little above average look, a little bit more intellect, a humble person, and a friendly friend that you could find. For 19 years in my life, I’ve never fall in love, although I’ve dated several people.

I remember clearly that my first crush is a lovely boy with pretty face, so pretty that he often mistook as a girl. That’s when I’m in elementary school of course. Laters I just like pretty face like that, either a boy nor a girl, as long it’s pretty face, I happen to like them, just like see a sabana in the middle of dessert.

Now I’m in college, I already grade two, and I happen to gain popularity than I thought! I happen got in the same class with these all clever people. Me and my boyfriend is several years apart in age, but he’s a good person. Just when I think I could fall for him, there’s a girl. Yaph a girl, with some average look and a tall body like a giraffe, definitely not my definition of “pretty face”. Somehow she seems so attracted to me, although it happen that her fans is as much as my fans. I’m thinking, “what is a girl like her doing with me? what is her purpose??”. But I never really gave a deep thought about it.

Time to time, she became so cute, so pretty, and I was like all this gentle to her. We almost like a couple, it’s just we are just bestfriend -that’s what I thought- until someday when we just alone,,,

Her: “umm, vlyo,, there’s something I wanna talk about”

Me: “yeah, what is it? You look so damn serious, just tell me already, are you fallen for a guy?”

Her: “umm not really, but I do fall for someone..”

Me, my heart, was trembling, I was like “uh-oh who is it?? Just tell me already”. Me honestly never think this before, but at that time somehow I realize that I don’t wanna lose her. Somehow she became so precious to me, and I realize that she’s the only one I need. I have fall for her….

Her: “vlyo, are you listening or not? Why you just stay still? Why didn’t you say anything? Are you mad to me because all this talk??”

ZONK..!! I didn’t hear what she said before, but her face is all red, and her eyes is about to cry, oh my God, what I’ve done to make this beauty cry, I grumble to myself.

Me: “I’m sorry, what did you say again? I lose all my focus to your beauty and pretty face.. I just can’t do anything when I look your eyes, I think I’m faliin for you..”

Crap! I just said something weird! Now she’s gonna hate me forever.

Me: “……..”

Suddenly she smiles and hug me very tight, that I just can’t breath.

Her: “Oh God vlyo, I think you’re gonna reject me! Is this true?? You’ve fallen for me like I fall for you?? God vlyo,, I love you so much..”

Then just like that we became couple, a real couple in this undercover world.