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She is bright, she is clever and smart, she is charming, she is outgoing, and she is,,,, the blue diamond in my heart. She so clingy, so very much. She doesn’t have many girl-friends around her. She’s might be popular among boys, but she just don’t realize it.

Someday she came to me, approach me out of nowhere,

Blu: “vlyo, I heard you’re a clever one from my friend, she said you got the highest rank in this uni”

Me: “huh? That’s just rumor but might be true if you believe it. You, yourself I heard the best from your previous class. What has taken you to me?”

She’s just grinned and walked away.

Day by day, we became closer. We’re teammate, no soulmate already. Wherever she is, there’s me and wherever I am, there she is. I like her for being smart, I like her for being humoris, to be open minded. She like me for the way I am. One day, a boy approach her in the name of study. He ask her help for studying, and of course because she’s so clueless and generous, she helped him. Me, who knew his intention to her, just being quiet until she talk to me about that.

Blu: “vlyo, yesterday I watch a movie with that guy”

Me who pretend not hear those statement, just continue to finish my drink.

“I wonder, why he’s so kind to me? The studying is over, but he’s still get all over me, I wonder why”, Blu said cluelessly. Gosh, this girl really is a pure one, a clueless one, doesn’t she know his intention that clearly visible?? Me, as an analyzer finally have to take some action.

Me: “don’t you realize that guy has a feeling for you? It’s so clear, don’t you get the signal?”

Blu: “huh?? Well, I never think that way to him. Besides, I don’t swing straight way..”

Me: “………..”

Wait a minute!! What just she said? “don’t swing straight way”?? Then which way?? After that the conversation just end that way. A couple days later, she asked me to accompany her to some grocery store.

“vlyo, I think I want that chocolate over there”, Blu said with an evil smile in her face, with her hand clingy to my hand.

“just go and buy it silly girl, or do you want me to buy it for you?”, I replied just like that. And she of course, straighten nod her head over and over and look me with her puppy eyes. How could I take back what I’ve said before after look her like that.

“alright, I’ll buy it for you, but you have to promise not to look someone else than me!”, I said lightly with an evil smirk in my face, hehe.

“where have you been all these days? I never look someone else, I just looked for you, longing for you, I’m all yours vlyo!”, she said it clearly and suddenly kiss my cheek. Gulp! What is happening here, I warned myself.

“I am yours and will be forever yours, despite you buy me that chocolate or not, I don’t know, but I have this feeling that I just can’t explain when I’m with you, when I’m not with you, everything in my mind is just you!”

I could feel people are staring to us that day, after all it’s a grocery store! Why oh why a confession must be done here?? Well, I don’t care anymore, I mean, afterall I have feelings for her too, feeling that I can’t explain either, haha.

“you know, you are a blue diamond in my heart”, I said and then hugged her calmly. We can hear people applause as if they see some scene from the movie.