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It’s been one year after Blu confess to me, and it’s been one year we’ve been together, yes by together I mean we’re dating *blushing*. One year and we’re still backstreet. Neither her parents or mine knows, either our friends. They simply think our intimate action that because we’re just like sisters.

To be blunt, Blu is a very jealous girl. She doesn’t let me close or hang out with another girl. She said I’m becoming flirty if I near another girl. Oh God Blu, don’t you trust my feeling for you? It’s not like I don’t like when she’s jealous. It means she loves me a lot right? Tehehehe 😀

“What are you watching Vlo?”, apparently I didn’t hear when seh asked me, because I’m too absorb with my phone.

“Vlo, why are you ignoring me? Are you bored with me??”, she nudge meby her elbow and it actually hurts.

“Aww baby, why you nudge me so hard? Sorry babe, it’s just SNSD, you know they’re popular, besides they’re all cute and sweet”, I said unconsciously.

“So do you mean I’m not cute and sweet enough for you?” She said while pouting her face to me. “Fine! Just look for your SNSD. I’m leaving!”, she stands up and walk through the door.

Wew, what’s wrong with her? Is she in her period, hmm I guess – Vlo


It’s been two days since the ‘drama’ that she didn’t reply any of my messages. She’s mad obviously. When we met, she’s just silent and not doing anything. Finally break time arrive and I walk to her seat.

“Blu, are you still mad with me? Why don’t you reply my messages? I miss you beautiful…”


“Come on, where’s my cheerful, lively, and lovely Blu? Oh I miss her sooooo very much. I wish she knes how hard it is not receiving any news from her *sigh*”

I can see her lips started to curled up a little, but she just stay silent and pretending to be cool.

“Ahh,, it’s been a year and all I could steal just a little peck. I really want to kiss her deeply but I guess she just wouldn’t want it”, I blurted out my thoughts very loud.

Crap! What just I said?? – Vlo

She shockingly surprised and look to my direction, blinking her eyes as she almost didn’t believe what she heard.

“Er ermm Vlo,, would you accompany me to some place, like,, right now?”

“Huh? Oh yeah..”

God, she must be punishing me for what I’ve said. Idiot, I shouldn’t have said that!

—- (After walking for a while)

It’s some empty classroom with an empty corridor too, God, she choose a great place to yell at me.

“Gosh! I can’t believe it Vlo! You and your thoughts!”

“What? I just stated the truth and I’m sorry if you don’t like it!”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just you’re so tempting, I almost reach my limit, I hold back because I’m afraid you don’t want it!”

I stayed froze for a while, what she means?

“Huh? What do you mean by–”

Suddenly I felt a pair of soft, moist lips on mine. She kissed me! Passionately! My lips stay unmoved, still shock that she actually kissed me!

“Ungh Vlo, kiss me back please”, she lock her lips to mine while push me to the wall.
“Don’t you want to kiss me?”, she said half pleaded.

Honestly, I loved the way she sound, how can I resist something like that huh?

“My pleasure beautiful”, I said while kissed her back, passionately.


Author Notes:
Ahahahahaha, I know I stopped it when you think it will be climax. No no, I don’t (haven’t thought) write rated scene (yet, kekeke). Sorry for my bad english ^^