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For you SONE or ELF or Cassiopeia or any fans from SMEntertainment artist, there’s  happy news for you all! They will release SMTown Movie which titled “I AM”. In Indonesia (which is my country), “I AM” will be play at blitzmegaplex, and only for 3 days, 18-20 May 2012, with ticket price IDR 130000 (which is wow quite a price don’t you think?).

Well, what this “I AM” will show us, here’s from soompi:

A movie documenting SMTOWN‘s artists and their real life and growth, “I AM: SMTOWN Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden“.

“I AM” is the first big screen film to document on and offstage lives of K-pop artists. The film will portray parts of “SMTOWN Life World Tour in New York,” SMTOWN artists’ passion in leading the K-pop hype as well as each individual artist’s earnest and easygoing offstage daily life. KangtaBoATVXQSuper JuniorGirls GenerationSHINee, and f(x) will be featured in this film.

“I AM” has already garnered attention internationally by hosting a “UCC Project Event.” K-Pop fans from the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Germany, the Philippines, Indonesia, Columbia, and Peru have submitted countless cover song and cover dance videos to participate in this project.

So whaddya say? Hehehe, kyaaahhh I can hear you back there shouting “I wanna see their other side from stage!!” or “It seems like I could see their really personality in this movies, kyahh!”, hahaha or something else like that.

By the way, this is the link of “I AM” trailer for Indonesia on youtube:

And here’s some poster, kekeke:

Anddd, because I’m a Yoona fans, and recently TaeNy fans, here you gooo:

(kyaaahhh Yoona is sooo adorable!! I could die bleeding, haha)

(kyaaahhh Taeyeonnie is kinda mature :D)

(kyaahhhh, so sweet Fany fany Tiffany..!)