If you are a maniac on youtube, I mean you’re watching Youtube with Girls Generation channel you subscribed, you must be already know that (again) Girls Generation aka SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae) is about to release their mini album!

Yap, another mini album as SNSD with complete members, not subunit. Their teaser is single called “Paparazzi”. Apparently this single is purposed for Japan, after about 1 year and some months after Mr. Taxi on Japan.

The teaser is out at 29th May, and you know when the mini album going to release? It’s on 27th of June! Really such a teaser.. I scream at myself when notice I have to wait another one month to see the full MV, gyyaaaahhh!!

Do you see the trench coat from picture above? Somehow I think SNSD is being a detective. And I really wonder what is behind that trench coat, tehehehe XD

Here’s another picture:


And for you who hasn’t watch the teaser, here’s link on YouTube:


And here’s another one on some Japan channel (with English subtitle and AUDIO teaser, although it’s just 23seconds):


So how is it? All full 23s, all I hear is Jessica voice, “ooh lalala, lalalala~~ With the girls, with the girls generation!”