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Hiii, this is a late update, I know -_-” But heyy, I just wanna to share for you readers who hasn’t watch the new SNSD MV Paparazzi. The last time I post, I just posted the teaser, but when I write this, there are already 3 version of Paparazzi MV.

From what I read from soshified, it will be 5 version in total of this Paparazzi MV.

The first one is the full MV right? When the girls are walking towards paparazzi and somehow end up in theater mode. For you who hasn’t watch it, here’s on youtube:

And then there’s a dance version, in youtube it already said Music_Dance_Version_2, but I can’t find the first edit one. This MV, it mix the clothes of the girls, red and in tuxedo, for clearly, let’s watch this one in youtube:

And thennn, here’s the 3rd version of the video, The GOLD version. This one the girls fully in tuxedo from the beginning until the end.

And not only the MV, here I will insert some performance the girls already have.

In Music Station :

In Hey3x Music Champ 090712, I love the girls in this white outfit, seems so elegant, ohhhh:

And the latest one 140712:

And here’s for my satisfaction, a series of Yoona in Paparazzi, kyaaaaahhhhh..!!

So now left are 2 version again of Paparazzi, I wonder what it will be, is the 4th one will be the girls in their red dress, and then the 5th one will be the girls in the green theme outfit? Well I don’t know, but I like to be surprised by SM Entertainment. I hope it all will be great!