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Hiii everyone..!!

Hi SONE ❤ ..!!

Hehehe, I’m just excited to fill this blog again. Well, because I still have no idea what to post here, and my favourite girlband form Korea, So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) aka Girls` Generation just released their newest MV, I think I’m gonna write a little about that ^^.

So yeah, the newest MV from SNSD is out in Japanese version again, that means we can’t see their performance with this new song in Music Core or Inkigayo, or any Korean Music Programs… T_T

But don’t worry..!! For you who haven’t see the MV, I kinda itchy guessing what concept the girls used for this MV. It’s full of fishnet stockings, and the arrangement of the couples! It seems really not right!! Haha.

By the way, this is the MV:

Now, you do understand what I mean about the couples things. We all used to know TaeNy (Taeyeon + Tiffany), YulSic (Yuri + Jessica), YoonSic (Yoona + Jessica), YoonHyun (Yoona + Seohyun), YulTi (Yuri + Tiffany), but nooooo, in this MV, there are really new couples been made!

SunSica couple! ( Sunny + Jessica)

Can you imagine that?? Sunny and Jessica being together? We used to heard TaengSic or SunYeon or SooSun or anyelse! But not this one! Oh my God, their interactions seems deep, and not to mention Sunny really boyish here, her posture I mean.

SeoRi couple!! (Seohyun + Yuri)

We used to know YoonHyun or YoonYul, but this one, this one!! I just can’t imagine it ._.

HyoFany couple!!! (Hyoyeon + Tiffany)

Tiffany is belong to Taeyeon, right Locksmith?? But not this time! She’s with Hyo!!

And that left Taeyeon, Yoona, SooYong alone…… Oh My Yoona why you are often alone.. Here just with me would you??

And Taeyeon, she seems to be sketch all the girls,,

But heyy, there are some YoonHyun moment!! At first I thought it was Yuri who’s dancing with Seo, but no, it’s my Yoona!!

Kekekeke, here’s the full galleries if you want to see! Enjoy!! ^^


By the way, for you readers who are gamers,, did you notice Seohyun style? Her style remind me of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, here’s the comparison..