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Hi guys..!

Do you know that SM is launching MV SNSD – Oh! in Japan version?? At first, I thought it’s gonna be the old video clip but the song in Japan, but no!!!

I’m totally wrong..!!

It’s a whole new video clip, so it means the girls is shooting a new video right???
Can you see, with the maturity the girls have right now, they can still act cute, they still willing to sing Oh!!!

OMG I totally adore them..!!
Yeahhh righhttt..!! Yoona is in glasses..! Kyaaahhhhhh!!!

Here the video..!!

Firstly, Yoona in glasses!!

Second, Kid Leader, Taeyeon..!!

and SNSD:

Here’s the full pics:

I’m dying of squealing and chanting for them..!!

Kyaaaaahhh..!!! ❤ ❤ ❤