Recently there are news that Girls’ Generation said they want to hold concert again in Indonesia, yeayyy!! But it is still not yet confirmed…

Based on detikhot interview before SMTown Jakarta concert, SNSD reveal their desire to go to Indonesia again next year for GGTOUR3 in 2013.

Taeyeon : “Please keep supporting us! We really want to have a chance to hold a solo concert in Indonesia, Please love us more!”

Tiffany : “GG-TOUR 3 will kick-off next year, we definitely can’t wait for it! We hope and we promise we will be able to visit Indonesia and hold the GG-TOUR 3 there, See you soon, Maybe!”

But for all SONEs in Indonesia, please pray that the girls really ill held GGTour in INA in 2013.

Here are video that show their excitement in holding a concert in Indonesia ^^

Girls’ Generation Viki Exclusive in SM Town Jakarta

and here are the links for the news!

SNSD Ingin ke Indonesia Lagi untuk GG Tour 2013