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Hiiii, I’m back again..!!

This November started with a great, such a GREAT start! The new MV from SNSD is out!! It’s Japanese song, titled “Flower Power”. In this MV, they concept as a flight attendant in GG airlines, oh God, how much does it cost to fly with GG airlines?? *asdfghjsakfagfhjk*

*cough* so okay, it comes with two MV! The original and dance version. Oh gawdddd, they are in red, so flawless!! (Well everytime they are really flawless!!). I die and nosebleed everytime they looking at me! Especially Yoona! Oh Yoonaaaaaaaaaa, why are you so beauty???

Just let check the video shall we?

And this one is dance version:

Oh, and to answer Jessica’s question, YES JESSICA, YESSSS WE ALL WANNA BE YOUR LOVA~

Specially My Yoona (more screen cap about Yoona will be on my next post)


Now SNSD SCREEN CAPS!! Enjoy!! ^0^