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Yess it’s me again, a YoonAddicted and SONE. Hehehehe ❤

Now I will give you screen caps of my number 1 bias in SNSD, yaph, it’s Im Yoona imnidaaa~~

Oh yeah, before I give you the screen caps, did you notice Yoona’s hair with red highlight? And yesterday, 31 Oct 2012, she’s in Incheon airport went to Hongkong wearing a red pants and long black coat, was she promoting Flower Power already, with the red concept I mean.

I personally love this one, those eyes!!!! Looking right into my heart, awww, I could die instantly (yeah I know it’s exaggeration too much >,<)

And not to mention her abs, wawww, it’s just whoooaaawww~

Yoona is flawless, beauty, a goddess for me….. Waa waaa waa, stop my blabbering please! Uh-oh, so yeah, here we go!

Sooooo, comment please? ^_^