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Hi, I just collected some of Merry Christmas greetings from soshi! Hahaha. Let’s check it yo?

Yuri: A-YO~!!!!

Merry Christmas.
During this year’s white Christmas, I lay in the snow with my friends, eating the falling snow,
rolled around, and also flew on top of the snow.
Everyone have a happy Christmas



It’s a happy, white Christmas this year~*
Making little/kid snowmen with my unnies~ we also lied on the snow and ate [the falling snow], too~ㅋㅋ
Look forward to the girls’ new appearances through the upcoming comeback~~!
Everyone have a happy Christmas~^^


Jessica: THIS IS SICA~
merry white christmas!!!
Snow has piled up as tall as me in Sapporo~!! woohihing
I’m.. tall.. ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ
Spend a warm Christmas with your family~♡


Tiffany: merry christmas♥

AYO SONE! merry christmas^^
new years countdown,
let’s do it together! (; DDAY-8*


Sooyoung: MERRY CHRISTMA~~S!!!!
SONE!!! Merry Christmas!! ^ㅡ^
It’s the first post, after giving notice of a comeback. ^ㅡ^
I thought I was dying from wanting to tell (about the comeback).. ㅎㅎ
After giving notice, I want to show you our comeback!! for no reason!! earlier! euhaha!!
Now, if you really wait for just a little more, you will be able to see a new Soshi!
So look forward to it
The day where happiness and thanks overflows, Christmas, share love with those around you, and spend a warm Christmas^-^!
And one more heartwarming news!
SNSD is starting an auction on December 26th to raise funds for the association for the visually impaired ^ㅡ^
As it’s going to be for a good cause, give lots of attention! Please♥
Link below↓!!
↑ Please check this site!
We need your support:)♥
Let’s spread good news like this far and wide, and show the dignity of official homepage+Twitter haha ^ㅡ^
Merry Christmas ^ㅡ^♥