I don’t know what am I feeling.. Nervous? Break down? It feels like SNSD going to disband, no of course no, I will literally crying in my room if they are going to disband..

It’s just.. Is it wrong to still remember some things..? Things that should be wiped away, thanks to SNSD, yes, they are literally save me from breaking down.

The more I think about it, the more the heartache reappear, well it shouldn’t be a heartache anymore, it should be just a sweet bitter memories. But well, who am I that can managed my feelings, right? I’m just a mere human, although I always try to use my logic first for this mellow dramatic feelings.

I need to remember SNSD a lot more. Thanks Yoona, thanks Jessica, thanks Taeyeon.. But *sigh* everytime I see TaeNy, no no no no, you’re not like Tiffany and, heck what am I writing?

Sorry if you read this crap writing. I just need to write this down, if only I could have a pensive right now… You know, the one that Dumbledore has in his office, to pour our thoughts and memories, and we can look it back anytime we want? Sorry guys, I’m just a Harry Potter fans, ignore me.

It’s been long since we met and I always distract myself everytime we met. But this, I don’t know, tomorrow it’s not just you, but peoples that help me to get over you are coming too perhaps. It’s like double, triple, quadraple, heck I don’t know. I don’t know how to face it. I don’t care if he’s already with new girl, or him with someone else, I’ll be happy. But I don’t know if you, *sigh* you know, well you don’t know. Yes, how can you ever know? You cannot know, you must not know. Even if you know, please just react normally. Yes thank you.