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Hi there!!!!

I can’t believe it, I thought SNSD will release their MV at 29th May 2013, but apparently not! They release “Love & Girls” MV today!! So yeah, as usual, I present you the caps!


Yes, me myself finally said, “Finally, not in the box again!!” which mean finally SNSD shoot an MV at outside place, not in the studio again, but still… It’s Japanese MV, haha.

This MV was shoot together with about 300 lucky Japan SONEs, so yeah, I’m envy, realllllyyy envy…. It seems like the girls are playing while shooting the video.


GG04That’s the pose, really Yoona really cool đŸ˜€

GG15See, they are really surrounded by the J-SONEs!!

GG09And they were followed by the J-SONEs! Ahhhh, I wish I were one of them…

GG21And when the girls go clubbing, yeaaahhhh! Really enjoyed themselves right?

And oh btw, did you notice there’s their choreographer? Rino Nakasone? She’s at the beginning through the ending.

Rino01See, that’s Rino, yeah who pose with Taeyeon on her instagram (I really envy of her too)

So, no longer words posted, and here are the gallery! Enjoy!