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Now it’s time for our lovely Yoona, yes Im YoonA. She’s so, oh God I don’t know what to say, as beauty, cute as ever!

Yoona01that’s her opening pose while still inside the box. Why you still cool eventhough act as a doll??

She looks so freely happy dancing in the video.

Yoona03GG04Cool…….!!! Like a boss..

Yoona04And then when she moves….

Yoona07Yoona05Yoona16Number one, yes I see, still number one in my heart *eh?? Hahaha XD

But still, choding Yoona is still alive, when they are supposed to be clubbing, I found that Yoona is really a choding, happily laugh.

Yoona18See?? Her expression really happy like a child right??

YoonYul01And her hairstyle! Why did it styled that way, but it’s way too cute for me!

And here are the gallery! Enjoy!