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Hi gorjess spazzer or MaoMaos, here I bring you the screencaps of our warm Ice Princess, Jessica Jung Sooyeon!


Jessica Jung is the first member that appeared in this MV My Oh My!, first member to show and wearing a pink dress, yeah definitely will caught your eyes on her.


She was playing cards with Soo, one table with Soo, oh Soo how lucky your life is.

I don’t know Jessica can do magic. And her job to keep the rabbit, well it escape away of course.
Jessica009 Jessica019Did you see her expression?? Tell me you are!! So cute! Of I forgot when she’s playing cards with Soo and she lose.
Jessica002Can I laugh? Pleaseee šŸ˜€


And when she’s finally with Taeyeon, ugh with Tiffany between them, her pose sexy killer pose realllllyyy…. The way she moves her body…


And I love her side expression like this… Her hair in her cheek/ear side.. so damn sexy i think..


I love her green jacket! (Yeah I said it again and again and again šŸ˜€ )


Here’s the complete gallery, enjoy!