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Hi there! SNSD aka Girls’ Generation made their comeback again in Japan! Lucky Japan SONEs TT_TT. But nonetheless, their new single and video, My Oh My! has a bright, band, casino (because of the gold colour) concept for me.


Here’s the video:

For the opening part where music starts to kick in, the all nine girls dress in gold or yellow outfit, shaking her hips an sway her body. So sexy I think.


I am personally Yoona fans, I lloooovvveee her voice at her part in “Ne Kamisama dosurebai…”, it sent shivers in my spine, made me feel a tingling feeling in my body. Sigh…. Yoona why so perfect? But it wouldn’t be so perfect if this sub-group not appear. Hyoyeon’s part, “Oh Father Father..”, this scene where Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon and my lovely Yoona encountered the begging man.




This song is so cheerful eventhough I think the song is more like a punishment for man who like to lie.

“Liar Liar Liar Liarrr….”
That part. In the first chorus, ugh.. I don’t really like the proximity of Yoona and Sooyoung body close to each other. I’m jealous!!! I wish I were Soo… hiks….


And there’s a TTJ (Taeyeon Tiffany Jessica) as main vocalist.


Has I mentioned Jessica? I llloooovvee her green leather jacket!! And not to mention her expression when she’s about to say “F—ire…”


And our dorky leader Kim Taeyeon? Yes she will always be a dorky even she’s holding a fire.


Overall, the MV is always as great as the other MV. SNSD is DAEBAK!

Here’s the complete gallery: