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Okay at first I’m going to post based on member’s age, but no I can’t wait to post about my ultimate bias Im YoonA right now!

Yoong041My goddess.. My angel… My soon to be bride (how I wish…)

This expression, when Yoona’s part, “So blow him awayyy~” and then she took the card from Jessica and throw it away. Yes Yoona, I will blow or throw any man for you.


This expression when Yoona seems to enjoy torture the poor man.. How I wish I’m in his position.. I’d love to be tortured by Yoona…. I know it sounds so wrong, but yeah.. HER LOOKS!!

Yoong024Yoong027 Yoong030

And,,, in the band, Yoona hold percussion.. Her fingers…


Her sweet smile…


Even when she stress and turn her head like this.. Still beautiful…


And this part made me really jealous of Sooyoung.. hikz.. eventhough it’s just a mere second but I capture it…

And this glare Yoona sent through to the oblivious man:

When she smiles her heart out.. Her posture is just too cute too resist right??
Yoong019And how lucky you are man! Before your punishment Yoona waves to you! Ugh…

And when the show is over, the man has begged until his hand become foot, Yoona snaps her finger miraculously, the cafe turned back to normal, tadaa!


Here’s the complete gallery, ughhh Yoongie…