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Hi there, long time no see!


Truthfully after Jessica is no longer visible as SNSD, my heart, my hand can’t really write anything related SNSD, either it’s blogs or story (yeah, I’m an author in asianfanfics if you wanna know ;p). But hey! We must move on right? OT8 maybe in eyes, but it will always OT9 at heart 🙂


So, now the girls, the QUEENS ARE BACK! HEY CIVILIANS do you hear that? SNSD or Girls`Generation is back! And yes, they are scheduled to comeback this 7th of July 2015! With 3 MVs at their hands, oh my God, 3, for God sake, three MVs! Are our hearts ready to watch that?

So there are 3 MVs right, first is Party, seems like this is so cheerful, filmed in Koh Samui Thailand, the girls are playing in the beach, enjoying theirself?

Then there’s Lion Heart, when I first heard the title, “Oh GOD, what is the link to Squall Lionheart?” Hehe :D. Though the MV is like Wonder Girls nobody nobody but you? Well idk..

Annnddd, of course the WOW, super choreography, YOU THINK. I think this is will make me awe and spazz all weeks!
SNSD07I mean, come on, look at that pose:
SNSD08And that hips:

Overall SNSD is jjang!

And here is the link to the video teaser:

COMEBACK of Girls’ Generation


So here’s some screencaps from Mnet 1080p: