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Hi Everybody!


As the Party Teaser MV already out, here I immediately give you the screencaps!
For the video, you can watch it at youtube here:


First, my goddess, YoonA!

Yoona03 Idk but she’s looking really like a nature goddess here, well beside Sooyoung though, she is really like a nature goddess:

Soo01See? The calm expression of her really WOW me!
Beside those two, what intrigued me is Tiffany, I know it is a tattoo in her left side boobs, right right?
Tiff02And why she lifted her hands in the air like that? Definitely to show off her tattoo right? And I like how Hyoyeon here. Truthfully after she cut off her hair, Idk, some light went into me and I like her style!

Well, she’s not the only one in the net, there’s Yuri too, so I guess they two take turns using the net:
Yuri01And for my Second goddess, Taeyeon… I don’t really like her with her sunburned hair (yeah I know it’s pink or peach pink, but it looks like sun burned to me)
Tae03But fortunately Seohyun heal me up, I like the pure maknae:
Seo01And last but not least, Sunny.. Is she a mermaid? Sisters to Ariel? Cause her hair is so red..


And for the group photos, I personally like these one beside the one that I already put above:
SNSD12Taeyeon is hidden tho. But actually I like Yoona in this one:
SNSD14See how her hair is so wild?
And we got lost Tippa-chan here:
Tiff01Did I forget something? Oh the BIKINIs! Yes, I save that! Hohoho, you pervert!
SNSD08(Sunny is like drunk all the time, “Cheers, yeaayyy cheersss all the single lady, cheerssss!)

And for the complete gallery: