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Well after SNSD and YoonA, now I will post the screencaps of Hyoyeon and Yuri in this SNSD Comeback Party MV.


First is Hyoyeon. Since she cut her hair, I like her, it’s more refreshing, new, youth, but she can be totally a the same time.


See, the expression is just right. And I like her part in yeah yeah yeah yeah~
Hyo04 Hyo06 Hyo08When she like just woken up at the beach:
Hyo11At the party by herself and Sunny:
Hyo24 HyoSun01

In her bikini:

And for Yuri, Kwon Yoo Ri,
Look at happy face.
Yul10 Yul23 Yul20Dancing:
Yul06 Yul05JetSki:
Yul26 Yul25In the swimming pool:
Yul24 Yul12

And here the complete gallery of Hyoyeon and Yuri!