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Hi Everyone!! Every SONEs that alive in this hour to search SNSD Party Screen Caps, here I will present you the screencaps of the 1920×1080 MVs! Without further ado!


Oh first, the Youtube link! Please only see the one in SMTOWN, so the girls can get millions hit 🙂

This MVs bring out the beach concept, and swimming pool, and club, well the point is to have fun, fun, fun, party, party, and party! First you will shown that the members are in the airplane, going on a trip to have a blast party everywhere
SNSD01Then, playing at the beach,
SNSD13 SNSD12 SNSD11Then after tired at the beach, you play at the swimming pool
SNSD29 SNSD28 SNSD26 SNSD21Still not tired? Let’s go to the club then!
SNSD43 SNSD40 SNSD39Still have energy left after all that dancing? Let’s play billiard shall we? LOL
SNSD57And that’s overall the MV is about, having fun like a party all the time.

Until next post!
SNSD55 SNSD52(See how goddess Yoona is?)

Anddddddd, the complete gallery of SNSD! (Later I will post member by member post)