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Of course as you all know, or not, Im Yoon Ah, YoonA is my ultimate bias.


See, how goddess is that with her hair like that??
Yoon45 Yoon30
When she running at the shore:
Yoona03 Yoon40 Yoon24 Yoon22 Yoon20 Yoon17When she look at you like this:

When she relaxed at the pool:
Yoon34 Yoon33 Yoon48 Yoon47 Yoon46When she dances:
Yoon55 Yoon49When she’s having fun, partying at the billiard:
Yoon51 Yoon52Even when she reads at the beginning of MV:
Yoona02When she became the Seohyun 2.0, a third party between TaeNy:
TTY03 TTY0But I really like it when she waves when they playtime in the beach is over:

And here’s the complete gallery: