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Im Yoon Ah my goddess, my ultimate bias, YoonA saranghaeyo!


She’s traveling in a train, how I wish I could accompany her so that Lion won’t disturb her! Haha. So yeah, first it’s like she’s got some invitation, titled Lion Heart 1719 08/05 PM 8:05, my guess is that’s the MV should come out back then, but then they delayed the MV, but it’s okay as long as my goddess happy receiving the invitation.
Yoong02And her dreamy look:

Then she changes her clothes, ta-daa!
Yoong12Some blank looks again:Yoong11

And here when some Lion came to her and made her happy(?)

Her acting in sleeping tho:
Yoong20Her expression when found out that SeungGi, eh Lion is cheating:

And I really really love meannie Yoong (am I masochist?)
Yoong34 Yoong37 Yoong40And turns out it’s all just a dream because too much pizza….

And here’s the complete gallery of my goddess: