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I know it’s been long since You Think MV is out, but yeah, hehe.
Now I have the time to screencap and upload to my blog, so lets begin!


There standing 8 goddesses in a car, ready to make you think that you’re not cool at all beneath them. Haha, who does right?

Starts with Tiffany looking so sexily:
Tiff04Then there’s Sooyoung on top of the world:
Soo02Then Hyoyeon looking at you like that:
Hyo01Then Seohyun looks so queen:
Seo03And then Yuri sits on couch so comfy:
Yul14Then Sunny:

And I don’t know why but Taeyeon looking at that apple is so….
Tae01And last but my ultimate bias.. Is she asking me to sit with her??

And Sooyoung has a rap:



Here’s the complete gallery: