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Yaaaaasssssss our Jessica Jung is back!! Have you watched her V-live? OMG she’s so cute! And have you watched the MV Fly???? I LOVE IT, OMG CAN’T WAIT for LOVE ME THE SAME!


But now, lets watch the Fly MV together, and Fly with Jessica.



I honestly like this MV concept, though I haven’t known about the lyrics, but it feels like a journey to be in new places, and YOU CAN FLY~

I like Jessica in this hobo outfit (in a positive way):


And when she suddenly so goddessly:


And to think Jessica Jung dances! OH MY GOD:
041Oh and when she alone eating marshmallow, why didn’t you invite me up Jess?
042(so that I can help you to clean the mess :p)

And this make up, oh Jess, can you be more perfect than this??

Fierce Jessica is fierce :p076

And, since I’m a YoonSic shipper, can I pretend this scene as cheap YoonSic?
YoonSic 064

Okay enough with me spazzing over the Goddess under the Golden Sky. The full gallery for you all: