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OMG OMG OMG, I really like the previous MV Fly and now there’s a second MV called “Love Me The Same”!
Oh Sica, Jessica Jung, we will always love you the same babe!
025Check her MV please please please?


I really like this concept in this MV, its like it’s Sica, the real Sica, her routine and there’s always bed with her. Haha.


See the way she reads her book? I wish I were that book.

009 010And her ways of taking care the cactus? OMG, now I wish I were the cactus.

012 013

See??? Her smile OH MY GOD.

018Some Yoga, people.

021This is my expression when my refrigerator is empty too.


028Doesn’t she like a fairy goddess something here? Yap, totally agree with me.

029 030 031I’m sorry but this scene out of bed is something that I have to capture, the beauty from woman raising from bed is just, ugh.

037 038I like her eyes here. Is it only me, but isn’t she looks like Amanda Seyfried here? (look at those eyes people)

And here the complete gallery: